Swap Guidelines

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Follow these simple steps for hosting an ATC swap.


  • Review ATC history and guidelines.
  • Find another teacher who is interested in exchanging ATC's.
  • Have a BLAST creating ATC's in class!
  • Exchange (via mail) ATC's with exchange partner's class.
  • Extend classroom activity to include internet research, evaluation processes or more collaborative opportunities.

Guidelines for Successful ATC Swaps
Quality workmanship is key!

1. ATC must be 2.5"x3.5", or 64x89mm.
2. Cards must be sturdy (cardboard backed or created on material that is not flimsy or lightweight) Corners should be square. Edges should be finished and not rough or irregular unless that is part of the design.
3. Make sure you understand the specifics of the swap.  Communicate clear objectives with your host/partner.

4. Art traded should not be of a controversial nature. The participating teacher's are responsible for making sure that artwork of a controversial nature is not included in their swap mailing. Clear communication about content expectations between swapping teachers should eliminate any potential for offensive content. 

5.  Don't agree to swap unless you plan to complete the swap.  If a participant has to withdraw or postpone the due date of  the swap, inform the host/partner as soon as possible.

6.  While it is accepted that a wide variation of creative/technical skill is apparent in every classroom it is not acceptable to send ATC's that lack an assumed level of quality of workmanship. In general, 1st grade work should reflect the best use of the skills that average 1st grade students' possess. AP or upper level art students' work should reflect a high level of skill or ability. Do not send work that is flimsy, falling apart or unfinished. Follow the 'Golden Rule of ATC's' and send the quality of work to other's that you would want to receive.

7.  Remember to be open-minded to everyone's various forms of art.  Specify any artforms you ARE or ARE NOT interested in swapping, such as digital copies, use of photographs, stickers, etc., completely handdrawn only, etc.

8. Adhere to due dates. Get started early to make sure you won't fall behind.

9. Shipping is the sole responsibility of the swapping partners. Package your items securely.